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This has been achieved in two ways.

strand parinktys

The first was by characterisation of the mould top slags and mould strand slag Rodyti daugiau films from industrial casters of the partners and the correlation of these samples with plant operational and surface quality data. The second was by numerical modelling of early solidification and the effect of deformation and stresses on the shell and slag infiltration in the strand parinktys gap.

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From the developed understanding, operational windows for lubrication, mould heat transfer and shell growth have strand parinktys developed, resulting in surface quality improvements. At Sidenor the work focused on the development of a new high speed billet casting practice, Outokumpu aimed to reduce a specific type of deep longitudinal cracking found on wide slabs of a duplex stainless grade, GMH aimed to optimise surface quality strand parinktys three special steel grades through plant trials and numerical simulation of its bloom mould by VDEh-BFI and Corus aimed to optimise heat transfer and surface quality on the Scunthorpe Slab Caster with particular focus strand parinktys peritectic steel grades and the impact of a caster enhancement for faster casting.

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CSM has developed a coupled thermodynamic and heat transfer model to predict how heat transfer and lubrication change as a result of chemical interaction between mould slag and steel.