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RoboForex starts undergoing mytrade mytrade brokeris certification of order executions quality What is Verify My Trade? Verify My Trade is a data bank, which is used for post-trading analysis of order execution at different brokers.

Based on the results of a vast numbers of brokers, the system creates a reference model for execution.

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The acquired information helps to draw conclusions of order execution quality at every single certified broker. How often is the Company audited? For confirming the current certificate, the audit results have to comply with the average execution numbers in the industry.

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Why is it interesting for traders? Verify My Trade operations are aimed to evaluate brokers from the perspective of order execution quality and provision of information transparency to their clients. To view the results of the regular audit procedure at RoboForex Ltd, follow the link.

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We pay close attention to keep order execution at our Company at mytrade brokeris consistently mytrade brokeris level. This can be checked on Prime accounts with the best trading conditions available at the Company, which can match the level of liquidity providers.

Dabar visi tam naudoja kompiuterius. Tačiau visi dideli finansų rinkų dalyviai jau senų seniausiai naudojasi algoritmais. Kuo anksčiau pradėsite keisti įpročius, tuo didesnį pranašumą turėsite, palyginti su kitais rinkos dalyviais. Atrodytų, kad algoritminė prekyba — kažkokie nauji vėjai rinkoje.