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This plugin requires Woocommerce.

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An order note will automatically be added with a link to the BitPay invoice will open in a new window : When the customer initiates a transaction fiat cryptocurrency add message his wallet to pay the BitPay invoice, the status of the Woocommerce order will change to Processing When the transaction is confirmed by BitPay, the status of the Woocommerce order will change to Completed. The order will be safe to ship, allow access to downloadable products, etc.

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If a bitpay invoice expires before the customer completed the payment, the Woocommerce order will change to Cancelled. If you refund a BitPay invoice from your BitPay merchant dashboard, the Woocommerce order will change to Refunded once the refund is processed by BitPay. You can pay a BitPay invoice with one of the compatible wallets.

fiat cryptocurrency add message

More information about paying a BitPay invoice can be found here. Does BitPay have a test environment? You will also need to setup a wallet on testnet to make test transactions.

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More information about the test environment can be found here. Check your current approved processing limits in your BitPay merchant account I need support from BitPay When contacting BitPay support, please describe your issue and attach screenshots and the Fiat cryptocurrency add message logs.