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Lovely hosts!!!

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Best boat trip ever! Hanna Vokietija Unusual place, close to nature, very positive and open staff.

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You can feel like you're friends. You can meet interesting people. Breakfast was quite basic but it was possible to eat, mainly fresh fruit, toast with sweet sauce. The best were dinners, local flavors and no limits.

It's best to be there on Saturday when there's a market with local food.

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Otherwise, the place is magical, romantic, beautiful Zack makes sure the trips are perfect, and Linda makes everyone feel at home because she's such a warm person. Marijana Slovėnija The stay was very welcoming and made you feel like you ao variantas a part of a community Daniel Tailandas Staff is super nice and place beautiful.

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Breakfast is really nice, lots of fresh fruits. Ao variantas can also order dinner, which was delicious.

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If you're looking for nice place close to nature, this is place for you. Can be loud at night, with live music, but around midnight it's only crickets.

Iš viso: 9,6 Apto maravilhoso organizado limpo suite com tv próximo da praia anfitriã sempre a disposição e muito atenciosa Valeu!!! Bruno Brazilija Acordei olhando o mar, ah tem TV no quarto, atendimento da Ana Claudia nota 10 super atenciosa, apt bonito e confortável, amei tudo, indicarei aos familiares!

The owner is super nice and he can pick you and drop off at bus stop. Area is beautiful, nice caves and national park, all in walking distance.

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  • Bruno Brazilija Acordei olhando o mar, ah tem TV no quarto, atendimento da Ana Claudia nota 10 super atenciosa, apt bonito e confortável, ao variantas tudo, indicarei aos familiares!
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  • Iš viso: 9,7 Incredible place.
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  • Apto Frente ao Mar, Bertioga – atnaujintos m. kainos

Krystyna Lenkija I enjoyed the atmosphere. This is wilderness themed place where you ao variantas in a two story hut surrounded by the jungle. The location is perfect for a short and easy hike to the water hole where you can swim and enjoy the cool river water.

  1. Ao Luek Panoramic Pool Villa, Ao Luk – atnaujintos m. kainos
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The most exciting thing about this place ao variantas the customized tour that Zack, co-owner, offers for a day's trip around Phang Nga Bay. It is ao variantas unforgettable experience that you don't want to miss if you stay here. I was lucky to have booked on the day they go on this tour.

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Check with strategijos variantų tendencija for details. The food is surprisingly delicious can't complain. Gabriel Great - already reviewed!

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Been twice. Great people real community.

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Mark Didžioji Britanija Love the people and love the place - second time we have been. Authentic bamboo huts. A must for real fun loving people. A great community.

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Very accommodating. Mark Didžioji Britanija Nice guys running a rustic place for chilled out people.

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Beautiful location in the countryside surrounded by mountain cliffs and jungle. Good place to connect with other travelers. Tasty bbq for a good place.

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Zac was helpful with giving ride in his car when needed. Overall good vibes.

Ao Luek Paradise Krabi, Ao Luk – atnaujintos m. kainos

Lisa Švedija Super friendly staff and people. Excellent for kids.

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Authentic and stunning. Lovely food, bar, great trips. We were so happy and can highly recommend.