Alpha direct 4 0 galimybės, „Wi-Fi Direct“ paliks be darbo maršrutizatorius

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Grab a twin tip and go cruising or jumping, enjoy the ride while progressing with ease. You will be surprised at the jumping and looping capabilities of the Alpha; it has smooth lift and hang-time with precise feedback.

The Alpha has great upwind performance thanks to the innovative flat arc design and an efficient high lift airfoil section.

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The lightweight design translates to incredible low-end performance making the Alpha a very competitive choice not only for light wind freeriding, but also the expanding freeride hydrofoil scene in almost any wind strength. The power to de-power stroke is progressive and dynamic enough to provide smooth lift for transitions and jibes with a foil board.

Galimybė prekiauti užsienio valiuta. Ne taip seniai aš jums sakiau, bet paaiškėjo, kad daugelis nelabai supranta, kas tai yra. Dabar kai kurie mano skaitytojai žino, kaip atidaryti tarpininkavimo sąskaitą, tačiau net neįsivaizduoja, kodėl to reikia ir ką su juo daryti. Taigi, aš nusprendžiau patobulėti. Brokerio sąskaita kas tai yra Jei įsigilinate į žodynus, nieko suprantamo nerandate.

For high wind foiling in chop or waves, take a small size with shorter lines for loads of fun drifting the kite while alpha direct 4 0 galimybės swells across the wind. In the surf the Alpha is perfect for drift style wave riding as it floats with you.

The handling is direct and responsive which allows you to put the kite where you need it.

Polartec Alpha Direct recycled fabric at ISPO 2019

The Alpha is not as dedicated to waves as the Reo, but it still delivers solid performance in cross-shore to on-shore conditions. Water re-launch is easy, by simply turning the bar or using the re-launch balls on the leader lines, the kite will roll over into the re-launch position.

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Going traveling? It is easy to use and compresses a kite to minimal size.

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  • Sony Alpha A Silver + mm -
  • Windows 3.
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  • „Wi-Fi Direct“ paliks be darbo maršrutizatorius :: IT ::
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Combine with the Technical Bag to fit multiple kites inside one carry bag.